Call for Submissions

2020 empowHER Reading Series


Given the dynamics of national and world events this last week, particularly in how women are seen and heard, Clutch wants to make sure artists are given the space and time to respond. The themes for 2020 resonate on many fronts, and we look forward to your submissions. 

February 14, 2020


Clutch Productions is now accepting submissions of original one-act plays and short screenplays by women writers to be considered for an expanded empowHER Reading Series! The 2020 empowHER Reading Series will have three installments dedicated to the specific themes listed below. We encourage you to submit your work, and pass this info on to other writers who would be interested too. 

Sharing my voice does not equal vanity.

Development and performance Spring 2020


What white privilege means to me.

Development and performance Summer 2020

*Seeking submissions from artists of color ONLY*


Women, awake! Your country needs you...still. Marking 100 years since suffrage.

Development and performance October 2020



  • At least 50% of the roles in each play must be for women. Writers are encouraged to explore all sides of the issues to reflect the authentic debate of our time. 

  • Scripts should be 20 pages or less in length.

  • No previous productions of the script submitted.


Prior to the public reading series, selected scripts will undergo a rehearsal-based workshop with dramaturgical support. Stipend available. All performances will take place in Manhattan, and be free to the public.


Submissions are due March 8, 2020 and MUST include:

  1. Full script(s) as a PDF

  2. Cover letter

  3. Writer’s bio