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Our Mission

Clutch is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating opportunities for women artists in theatre and film. By commissioning and producing original works, Clutch provides vital creative space for women to collaborate. 


In 2014, four artists met for coffee to discuss a potential project. Utilizing their mutual aspirations, talent, experience, and resources within the New York theatre community, they sought to produce a play. The challenge was to find a play that amplified women’s voices – their depth and diversity. The narrative needed to resonate with the collaborators, and it was also essential to tip the scale of representation and gender parity onstage and off beyond simply satisfying the Bechdel test. For them, no such play existed…yet. They would need to innovate and start from scratch. They would need to commission this new play.

Thus, Michelle Bossy, Christianne Greiert, Amy Kersten, and Miranda Noelle Wilson founded Clutch Productions. As a collective, the organization is dedicated to creating opportunities for women artists to collaborate and produce new work while also providing vital resources including financial support and space.

Under the artistic direction of Christianne Greiert, Clutch has produced three shows Off-Off Broadway (Every Good Girl Deserves Fun*, Bullet Catchers, The Worth of Water*) as well as the vibrant, annual empowHER Reading Series. It has also co-produced Off-Broadway with the Culture Project and provided strategic support for a feature film (currently in development). These shows and initiatives have created numerous paid jobs for actors, designers, directors, stage managers, tech crew, and writers alike.


*denotes commissioned work

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Over the past eight years, paid jobs were created for 171 members of

Creative Teams, Cast and Crew, including 136 women.

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That's gender parity in action!

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