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Clutch Values

Our Values

A fundamental question we ask in our work is, “if we make space for joy in our creative process, what can and will artists make?” Therefore, Clutch’s work is guided by the following principles:


Diversity of experience, thought, and creed is key to crafting a new narrative for women artists in theatre and film. Clutch welcomes a multiplicity of women-identifying voices as we explore and create. 

Creating Collaborative Space
Clutch was conceived as a platform for professional working artists to tackle gender parity – together. We initiate and share new process-oriented opportunities that feed the collective and facilitate greater collaboration. By
providing vital creative space for women artists to risk and grow – working with, not for, each other – Clutch strives to advance emerging voices and leaders in our field.

Courageous, Front-Footed Action
No waiting. Creating. Clutch embraces the challenge of innovation and disrupting existing industry models of creation. By setting aggressive timelines for projects and initiatives, we aim to have nothing sitting in a drawer, unrealized and unseen on stage or screen. 


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