Clutch Productions, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating opportunities for emerging female artists in theatre and film. Contributions to support our artistic mission are 100% tax-deductible.


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Featuring original one-act plays and short screenplays written by emerging female writers.

The 2019 series is is being lead and developed by the artists of FULL CIRCLE. It is dedicated to exploring WELLNESS: how women's experiences and roles impact their health, sense of self, agency, personal and political power. 


Unnatural Gas

by Kate Bell

The Upping

by Rachael Carnes

Patient Responsibility

by Jessica Feder-Birnbaum


by Sam Garland

Affordable Organic

by Rachael Harrington


by Ashley Lara


Sunday, December 15



Primary Stages Studios, Studio B

307 West 38th Street, Suite 1510


This annual free event is made possible by a generous grant from Investors Bank and individual supporters.

Seating is limited. Email to RSVP!


The 2018 empowHER Reading Series is dedicated to “Conversations with my kids about THIS moment - What women want their daughters and sons to take away from #MeToo.”

Shut Up And Dance
by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich​
directed by Tricia Mancuso Parks

by Rachael Carnes​
directed by Tricia Mancuso Parks

School Haze
by Molly Olis Krost
directed by Tricia Mancuso Parks

Nineteen! (selected songs)
by Katherine Michelle Tanner​
music consulting and vocal coaching by Sarah Matteucci

Meet the Cast
Emmy Albritton, Karen Braga*, Patti DeMatteo*, Christianne Greiert*, Matthew Jaeger*, Sarah Kiefer*,  Jonny Rios, Tanner Sands, and Emma Scholz

The 2017 Series was dedicated to exploring and revealing hidden gender bias.


by Nayna Agrawal

directed by Vanessa Morosco


Webster's Bitch

by Jacqueline Bircher

directed by Vanessa Morosco



by Jane Jeffries

directed by Julia Sears


my favorite flower

by Arika Larson

directed by Raquel Almazan


The Takeover

by Barbara Lindsay

directed by Christianne Greiert


Meet the Cast

Raji Ahsan*, Jeanette Bonner*, Rajesh Bose*, Christianne Greiert*, Rebecca Hirota*, Esther Mira, Pooya Mohseni*, Pilar Rehert*, Jennifer Dorr White*, Miranda Noelle Wilson*, and Clint Zugel*

The 2016 Series was dedicated to issues affecting women in the election. 

Dead Girls 

by Micheline Auger

directed by Liz Thaler

Dead Girls pokes fun at Hollywood and its roles for women as two actresses attempt to navigate a particularly harrowing pilot season.

by Loren Escandon
directed by Raquel Almazan

Olivia, a farmworker who picks berries, is put in an impossible position. Can she earn a living wage and find medical care

for her husband, all while protecting her daughter from the cruel realities of working in the fields?

Executive Decision
by Talaura Harms
directed by Rose Ginsberg

In deciding between career and family, the choice may not really be up to you. 

An Uncommon Core
written and performed by Abigail Swetz
directed by Kelly McAndrew

“Teaching is about changing the world.
If you don’t believe that,
you’re not doing it right.”
- 8th Grade Student, Room 102 

Meet the Cast

Orlando Arriaga, Karen Braga*, Toccara Castleman, Karla Evangelista, Marianne Ferrari*, Hannah Jane Ginsberg, Christianne Greiert*, Deanna Henson*, Carson Lee*, Brad Makarowski*, Sarah Matteucci, Marisel Polanco*, Jessica Vera*, Juan Francisco Villa*, and Miranda Noelle Wilson*

With special guests from the Women in Combat Theatre Project who shared an excerpt from their new devised piece We Cry Havoc

*Actors appear courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. 

"You're giving the opportunity for new voices to be heard, new talent to find a home, and stories to find an audience. Clutch is helping women find empathy for each other's perspectives of the world, tolerance for our differences, and support to our dreams."


Loren Escandon

"Thank you to Clutch Productions
for bringing such an incredible
group of artists together!"


Raquel Almazan

"With Clutch as producer, I was allowed to just be writer--to not have to rely on favors and the schedules of friends in order to hear my work, to not have to deal with the distractions of booking my own rehearsal space and thereby freeing up the mental space to focus only on the words. However, Clutch Productions served as far more than just a task producer. They are supportive and smart, nurturing and driven, generous and capable. I could not ask for a better team. I always felt my work and I were in very good...clutches. "


Talaura Harms

"Although my entire experience with Clutch Productions was enjoyable, the best part of our temporary partnership was just that – a feeling of true partnership between the Clutch artists and myself.  I was included in every step of the process of getting my play ready for performance.  It is surprising how many theaters, once they have a playwright’s permission to perform her play (and some theaters even skip that part!), will then ignore her completely, so it was a joy to be able to talk with the director in depth about the play and to be invited to Skype into rehearsal."


Barbara Lindsay