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empowHER Reading Series

Featuring original one-act plays and short screenplays written by emerging and established women writers.


Exploring what is at stake for women in the 2022 election cycle.


Three weeks. Three themes. Streaming live.

Themes include: Sharing My Voice Does Not Equal Vanity,What White Privilege Means to Me, and Women, awake! Your country needs you...still. Marking 100 years since suffrage.


Led and developed by the artists of FULL CIRCLE, the series was dedicated to WELLNESS: how women's experiences and roles impact their health, sense of self, agency, personal and political power. 


Exploring “Conversations with my kids about THIS moment - What women want their daughters and sons to take away from #MeToo.”


Dedicated to exploring and revealing hidden gender bias.


Exploring issues affecting women in the 2016 election cycle.


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