Sharing My Voice Does Not Equal Vanity.

Premiering Saturday, October 3 at 7pm (EST). Encore Sunday, October 4 at 3pm (EST).



By Allison Fradkin

Directed by Lee Douglass

In the Christian Patriarchy Movement, it is wholly appropriate for girls to be seen and not heard as they fulfill their life's mission of submission. But what happens when these docile disciples come to the revolutionary realization that using their voices and making their own choices is not akin to the sin of vanity – or insanity?



By Debora Peña

Directed by Aleesha Nash

Marianne has never been more proud of her daughter, Anne, a recently published academic at the beginning of what will certainly be a highly successful career. She has given her child everything, living vicariously through her achievements. When an unexpected guest arrives at the party, old wounds open and fears of being overshadowed yet again leave Marianne no choice but to speak her truth.


By Kate Bell

Dramaturgy by Raquel Almazan 

Directed by Christianne Greiert

Matt and Stevie are on tour, sharing their very un-douchey electronica performance art with America! Nothing can stop them – except for the snowstorm of the century and a lonely stranger's desperation.


By Emma Goldman-Sherman

Directed by Lee Douglass

Have you thanked your mother today? No One does the dishes forever in this comic look at the never-ending cycle of the domestic labors of love.



By Jane Willis

Directed by Vanessa Morosco

Washington is at a boiling point. Protesters have been labeled traitors by the President, and their lives are in danger. White and Black women struggle to navigate the deeply embedded racism that divides them from unity. Welcome to 1917 and the Suffragists’ fight for the Vote!

What White Privilege Means to Me.

Premiering Saturday, October 10 at 7pm (EST). Encore Sunday, October 11 at 3pm (EST).


By Jane Willis

Directed by Vanessa Morosco

Black Suffragists are blocked from attending a protest outside the White House and decide to reorganize. Meanwhile, the Silent Sentinels encounter a new powerful obstacle.


By Nandita Shenoy

Directed by Vanessa Morosco

Two neighbors who are within earshot of the ongoing protests of police brutality discover how different their views are even as they share the exact same perspective.


By Jessica Charles

Dramaturgy by Iyvon Edebiri

Directed by Christianne Greiert

Girl and Guy are a black, queer pair on a journey to create a new narrative. Disillusioned by theater and trying to find their space, their present is constantly interrupted by their past as they make “The New Black Shakespeare Company or TBD…” [The Black Dialectic].

Women, awake! Your country needs you...still. Marking 100 years since suffrage.

Premiering Saturday, October 17 at 7pm (EST). Encore Sunday, October 18 at 3pm (EST).


By Kate Bell

Directed by Mêlisa Annis

January 22, 1973: The Supreme Court has decided on Roe vs. Wade, and Tricia and Suzanne want to celebrate. But when they find themselves in a bar owned and operated by the Statue of Liberty, they must confront the hypocrisy of their future selves.


By Robin Rice

Dramaturgy by Raquel Almazan 

Directed by Christianne Greiert

A renowned scientist must decide between her personal life and the continued life of a species. A seductive Amway salesman and a clueless male Panda don't make her decision any easier.  



By Cayenne Douglass

Directed by Mêlisa Annis

40 years post a global pandemic, Ballard is a die-hard survivalist hell bent on keeping himself and his 15-year-old daughter, Jane, safe from a multitude of looming dangers. Only, as Ballard’s fervent paranoia grows, the relationship with Jane fractures, giving way to the greatest threat he had yet to imagine.



By Jane Willis

Directed by Vanessa Morosco

33 political prisoners and a gutsy Black journalist struggle for justice. Are courage and empathy enough to unite them in their fight?

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