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Featuring original one-act plays and short screenplays written by emerging women writers.

The 2017 empowHER Reading Series was dedicated to exploring and revealing hidden gender bias.


by Nayna Agrawal

directed by Vanessa Morosco


Webster's Bitch

by Jacqueline Bircher

directed by Vanessa Morosco



by Jane Jeffries

directed by Julia Sears


my favorite flower

by Arika Larson

directed by Raquel Almazan


The Takeover

by Barbara Lindsay

directed by Christianne Greiert



Raji Ahsan*, Jeanette Bonner*, Rajesh Bose*, Christianne Greiert*, Rebecca Hirota*, Esther Mira, Pooya Mohseni*, Pilar Rehert*,

Jennifer Dorr White*, Miranda Noelle Wilson*, and Clint Zugel*

*Actors appear courtesy of Actors' Equity Assocation

"Although my entire experience with Clutch Productions was enjoyable, the best part of our temporary partnership was just that – a feeling of true partnership between the Clutch artists and myself.  I was included in every step of the process of getting my play ready for performance.  It is surprising how many theaters, once they have a playwright’s permission to perform her play (and some theaters even skip that part!), will then ignore her completely, so it was a joy to be able to talk with the director in depth about the play and to be invited to Skype into rehearsal."


Barbara Lindsay

This annual free event was made possible by a generous grant from 

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