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Featuring original one-act plays and short screenplays written by emerging women writers.

The 2019 empowHER Reading Series was led and developed by the artists of FULL CIRCLE. It was dedicated to WELLNESS: how women's experiences and roles impact their health, sense of self, agency, personal and political power. 


Unnatural Gas

by Kate Bell

The Upping

by Rachael Carnes

Patient Responsibility

by Jessica Feder-Birnbaum


by Sam Garland

Affordable Organic

by Rachael Harrington


by Ashley Lara



Pilar Adara*, Siobhan Carroll, Sam Garland, Stuart Green*, Christianne Greiert*, Ashley Lara, Sarah Matteucci, Katharine McLeod*, Tricia Mancuso Parks*, and Jessica Vera*


*Actors appear courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

"Thank you to Clutch Productions for bringing such an incredible group of artists together!"


Raquel Almazan

This annual free event was made possible by a generous grant from 

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